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Clean carpets are just a call away!

Clean carpets are just a call away!

Flanagan Brothers Cleaning & Restoration has been steam cleaning commercial and residential carpets and upholstery since 2003. Our highly trained technicians are trained to be respectful to you and your home or business.

Our specialized equipment removes unwanted odors such as urine, pet, and fire or cigarette smoke. Our equipment produces 230-240 degrees of steam which safely removes dirt, stains, and odors while sanitizing the area. We offer a free deodorizer on every job.

Depending on your carpet, we offer different methods of cleaning. Our different processes include:

Using a steam method, so carpets aren’t sticky like some of our competitors

Using air movers to ensure your carpets dry quickly

Performing bonnet cleaning, which helps to revitalize carpets that are worn

Removing stubborn spots and stains at no additional charge

Our crew will move some furniture to properly clean your carpets at no additional charge.

Whether you require a flood water cleanup from a busted pipe, busted hot water tank, or if flood water enters your home, a hot water extraction, air purification, or a simple carpet revitalization, we can help. We take pride in the fastest drying carpets around.

Fresh, like-new carpets
are just a call away!

Ask us about our special rates for complexes with multi-units or commercial properties.


To put your mind at ease, we are now offering COVID-19 air
purifying. An ozone generator will be used to purify the air and disinfect rooms to destroy germs, viruses, bacteria, and odors. Elimination of these hazards provides a much
healthier atmosphere. Flanagan Brothers will visit your place of business or your residence and set up one or more ozone generators, depending on how many are needed.

The complexity of the job will determine how many generators our technicians will need and how long the generator(s) will run. While the generators are in use, no humans or pets should be in the building or home.

Contact us today at 304-677-7992 for details and pricing.

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